On April 2016, I had the pleasure to expose at the “Spacejunk” Art Gallery in Bayonne, France. It was my first time showcasing my work in the “Basque Country”.

A-MO art exposition Spacejunk urban art street art

It’s through a “Room Project” that I am displaying my pieces in this famous art gallery specialized in emerging cultures (Lowbrow, Board culture, Pop Art, Surrealism and of course Street Art, among other)

My solo exhibition was programmed between Shepard Fairey (OBEY) and Anthony Lister… Yes, no less than that, fairly impressive and intimidating … It is so rewarding to be able to showcase your work in such an incredible environment, but when on top of it, this gallery is regularly hosting the main names of Street Art, it makes you feel very lucky and humble at the same time.

A-MO art exposition Spacejunk urban art street art

The “Spacejunk” team was very welcoming and formidable : the opening was organized by professionals that made everything work seamlessly and looked effortless. A huge crowd came for the event and the overall feedback was positive way beyond my expectations.

This exhibition was an opportunity to present some of my latest canvas to the public but also to try something new: to showcase for the first time my large format photo print on aluminum (a collaboration with the photographer Benoit Cary).

It’s seems relevant for me to expose my canvas work but also to highlight some of my wall painting. With this collaboration, I can finally share these often inaccessible pieces with a larger audience. The size and the quality of the prints show an amazing level of details. This series of five photographs received a warm welcome from the public and I think this is something to work on in the future…

A-MO art exposition Spacejunk urban art street art

I also had the chance to meet a lot of people interested by my work, which is always a pleasure and a big motivation boost to me. The Spacejunk Art Gallery also gave new people the opportunity to discover my universe and share it with others, I am very thankful for that.

A big thank you to Alban Morlot and also Audrey, Mayara and Louise for making this event a success. I also want to thank the team of the “Vibrations Urbaines” and the photographer David Duchon-Doris (most of the pictures in this this article are his).

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