About A-MO

I was born in France, in 1982. I’ve been drawn to creative and graphic art subjects since I was a child. Art has always been a big part of my life but it’s at age 14 that I got into street art and started to use markers. I stayed with that for a few years before exploring some stencil and spray paint techniques. Over the last few years, I developed the “Paintag” technique that became my signature work. I am inspired equally both by street and canvas works.                                                                                I believe that they complement each other in spite of being from different ends of the art spectrum and their vast differences. I also believe that street art is a dynamic art form that has a positive impact on the community and connect people through a non-traditional medium. It opens up the art form to all who are interested and transcends boundaries. That’s what I want to show in my work, either on walls or canvas.