It was during a rainy Sunday, as we have many in Bordeaux, that I was invited by a few graffiti artists to go paint in a deserted underground quarry.

A-MO biche peinture sous terrains street art animal art

After walking for about half an hour in this underground Swiss cheese spreading over 150 acres, our headlamps finally revealed gigantic alleys that would keep crossing as far as we can see until they disappearing in the dark. The current 55 degrees made me quickly forget about the intense heat we had a few dozen meters above our head. Finally, a few natural pools of crystal clear water confirmed me that this trip looked a lot more like an archeologic expedition than a regular Sunday hike.

This place is just mesmerizing, but without our guide, it would have been impossible for us to find our way out. We are walking through a real underground maze, which is still carrying the scars leaved by centuries of intense limestone mining.

To find the right spot to paint was fairly difficult, because you are literally facing infinite possibilities. We were constantly torn between painting where we were or going a bit further to find the best spot possible. I decided to paint on this wall because it looked interesting to me with sand at the bottom and lots of space on the sides. Taking pictures was a challenge because the lack of space wouldn’t allow me to take a frontal picture. I tried to make the best of it but with my basic photographic skills, it was extremely difficult to get something satisfying. Unfortunately, the only way to fully enjoy this piece would be to see it “in situ”.

Anyway, that was an incredible experience and the artistic possibilities of this place are endless… Might be more projects coming in the future!

Big thanks to the team for this amazing painting session!

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