On May 20 & 21st, the Musical and Urban art festival “Convergence” took place in Talence (Gironde). The festival team decided to get 4 “urban artists” to paint a big cube during the festival:

  • Two artists from Bordeaux (Rouge and I)
  • One from Paris (Moyoshi)
  • One from Montpellier (Ose)

A-MO festival convergence street art talence




The theme of this project: “4 elements, 4 faces, 4 artists”.

A few weeks before the event, we decided to divide the elements, and I picked the wind. Why not…

Two days painting in the sun shine, with music and lots of positive people everywhereThe event team took great care of us, treating us like VIPs for 48h… Which could have quickly led to bad habits (What do you mean by there is no more beer???), but above anything else, it was the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company in an amazing atmosphere, which generated to nonstop fun and giggles for the all event.

A-MO festival convergence street art talence


Only Rouge and I knew each other before coming to Talence. Events like these are great opportunities to meet and create bonds with new artists. I have to admit that working with these three was a real treat, as artists and as people, as well.

Talking about our pieces, the artists selection was very interesting. As you can see, styles and techniques were very different, which added a real diversity to the overall art piece.

For the “Wind theme”, I decided to paint a bird feeding a cigarette butt to its fledglings It’s a way for me to show that we should be aware of the consequence of our actions, even the smallest ones, on our environment. To paint that during a big outdoor festival seemed to be even more relevant.

I called it “Humanity’s collateral damage”.

A-MO festival convergence street art talence


A big thank you to the Festival team, especially to Ambroise who took great care of us and all the people who stopped by and chatted with us.

Also a big thank you to the three artists who spend these two days with me. If you don’t know their work already, please check them out:





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