A-MO and about 20 artists came to Darwin (Bordeaux) for the “Operation 1000 Box initiative organized to support the “Banque Alimentaire” (Food bank) of Bordeaux.

A-MO art banque alimentaire street art urban art paintag

Created 32 years ago, this nonprofit’s guidelines have not changed since, even if with79 food banks and 23 local branches it is now a gigantic organization: to fight against food waste, and to help through sharing, donations, gratuity, volunteering and patronage.

As we speak, they are helping over 1.85 million people in need, covering almost all of French territory.

For sanitary reason, Bordeaux’s “Banque Alimentaire” needed to get rid of its old wooden food storage boxes and switch to plastics totes. To support this important purchase, a charity auction was set up at “Darwin” during the first weekend of May.

A-MO art banque alimentaire street art urban art paintag

The concept was to use these old wooden boxes as raw material to build supports that would be given to two dozen or so artists to paint on. Some of the crates were also customized by the artists themselves or used to build furniture by the students of the ECRAN School.

A-MO art banque alimentaire street art urban art paintag

The event went on all weekend. The pieces were created and painted directly on site, which was a great opportunity for me to meet other artists and to interact with the volunteers and the public in a relaxed atmosphere!

Thanks to the “Banque alimentaire”, and its numerous volunteers, for all the good work they do day after day in France! Also thanks to Anne Kieffer for setting up this event, the association “Pole Magnetic” for connecting me to it and all the volunteers, artists and students that were here for two days.

You can support the “Banque Alimentaire” too. To do so, just contact your local branch, you will find all the relevant information on their website.

You’ll find a few pictures of the event in the album below (I didn’t stay until the end, so I couldn’t see all the finished works).


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