I was approached by a neighborhood group (Bordeaux) beginning of May. Tired of vandalism and the abandonment of their street, they decided to invite artists to brighten up and give a facelift to the “Canihac” Street, downtown Bordeaux.

A-MO street art elephants bordeaux animal art

The concerned walls are about a few dozen meters long and five artists from the Bordeaux area were contacted to “add colors” to this street that is way too dark according to its inhabitants.

They gave me carte blanche to fill a large area at the bottom of a big building, in the middle section of the street. Close to my spot, Lulepi and Möka already painted a colorful fresco based on numerous colorful and stylized faces. I let you judge the quality and level of creativity of their job. I’m so thankful to be able to paint close to these artists that I enjoy and respect.

I decided to paint two elephants using the same color palette picked by my “neighbors” and use the same idea they had: to use the natural separation created by the walls angles, in order to keep an overall unity in the building.

A-MO street art elephants bordeaux animal art

It took me two days and a half to paint this wall, and it taught me patience…

I had a three days window to paint these two projects, and things were looking good: it had been raining for the past few days, and it luckily it stopped when I started to get ready. So, it was with high spirit that I loaded my car with spray cans and headed out to the building… And it’s not until I faced the wall that I realized the unpredictable: one of the gutter above it was leaking over my painting area

No way to paint over it in this condition. So, I had no other choice but to leave an 80cm strip untouched and start painting around it.

The weather forecast made me very optimistic: the leaking / blocked gutter should clear soon and the wall should dry within a few hours.

I was right on one point: the gutter will empty itself, eventually… But it took two days!

Anyway, apart for this little hiccup, I was lucky enough to paint for a few day s under a clear sky, occasionally chatting with people stopping by. The locals were very welcoming and I kept a fond memory of my time spend in Canihac Street.

I have to applause this idea and initiative from its inhabitants, who figured out a way to organize themselves and to promote their environment through street art.

A big thanks to the locals for their welcome, especially Anne Kieffer and Vincent Bordas who led this project.

If you want to know more about the other two artists who worked on this project, please follow them on FB:



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