I was contacted in May by an artist that I particularly like and that any street art fan knows in Bordeaux (where he has been leaving his mark for the past few years): Selor

Being a “Cognac” native, he surprised me by telling me that he has been following my work for a little while and that the “DOG Association” led by Mathieu “Perro” Perronno ( a graffiti artist with 20+ years’ experience in the field) would like to get me on board on their “Wonderland” project in Cognac.

A-MO cognac wonderland caméléon street art animal art



This organization, extremely present in the Cognac area, is getting artists to come from all over France in order to embellish the city in a “10 steps” project that they named “Wonderland”.

I, of course, accepted their invitation and was really looking forward discovering a city that I’ve never been to and where, I’m sure, will meet interesting people.

I had the chance to meet Selor a few days before my departure to Cognac, at an event where both of us where exposing. After a few a hours of conversation and drinks, he had me all pumped up about this project.

A-MO cognac wonderland caméléon street art animal art


Welcomed in Cognac by the “Master of Ceremony” himself,” Monsieur Perro”, I quickly met the four other artists I will spend the coming two days with: Marie Gauths, Selor, Atom and Facecachee, without forgetting Kevin, the cameraman in charge of filming the event.

These people are not only extremely talented artists, but also really interesting people and also… A bunch of goofballs! The more I grow in my work, the more I realize that it leads me to rich encounters, of course on the artistic side, but also on the human side.

A-MO cognac wonderland street art animal art

The concept of “Wonderland Step 5” is to paint a big wall divided by stone column, with for only link this “virtual” black line that is connecting all paintings to each other. It was an open theme, so all ideas were welcomed…

I let you enjoy the final result.


A big thank you to Matthieu Perrono and the “DOG” association, and all the artists for such a good week end in Cognac city.

You’ll find some more infos about all theses artists by clicking below :

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